Proposed Slate of Officers for 2024

At the Dec Luncheon we will vote for the 2024 Slate of Officers.  Please review.  Further nominations for each position will be entertained at the luncheon.  You may also volunteer your service at the luncheon to any of these positions!

President Matt Hicks
President Elect Will Seeley
VP Fundraising OPEN
VP Secretary Susan Monks
VP Newsletter Phil Cruz?
VP Treasurer Jeff Jensen
VP Webmaster John Simonetti
VP Membership & Recruiting OPEN
VP Veterans Affairs (State/National) Ron Egut
VP Programs Don Boyle/ Jeff Turner
VP Chaplain David Tross
Past President Al Smith
**VP YAA John & Louise Simonetti
* Community Affairs Donna Cole
*Board Member at Large Alan Buck
*  Board Member at Large Michael Golden
*Board Member at Large Jeff Turner
* Non Voting Member
** One Vote


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