YAA Program Overview

Western Connecticut Military Officers Association

Young American Awards (YAA) Program

Program Overview


The Young American Awards Program is the signature event of the Western Connecticut Military Officers Association. It fulfills many of our organization goals including love of country and our flag, supporting the constitutional government of the United States, and encouraging our promising students to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Each year, members of WCMOA are proud to honor outstanding Fairfield County high school seniors who stand out from their peers in the following areas:

  1. Leadership and Patriotism
  2. Academic achievement
  3. Extracurricular activities
  4. Community Involvement

School administrators of participating schools select one student who is an American citizen and best meets the above criteria. The selected student (now designated as a YAA nominee) then submits his/her information in an online application which includes a short endorsement of the candidate written by the school guidance counselor (or senior JROTC instructor at certain schools).

Once the application is completed and received by our committee, the nominee is invited with those from other schools to attend a ceremonial banquet on Sunday, June 9, 2024, at the Norwalk Inn, Norwalk, from 5:00 pm to 8:30pm in their honor. Their parents are invited to the banquet as guests of WCMOA as we pay tribute to these fine young Americans.

At the banquet, a formal military affair, each nominee is recognized by our organization. Generous monetary scholarship awards are presented to top awardees. We have many corporate and private sponsors along with our own members who donate thousands of dollars that go towards scholarship awards each year.  During the evaluation process, the YAA selection committee considers leadership positions, academic achievements and awards, extra-curricular school service projects/athletic activities, voluntary community service work, college/military/career plans, and the nominee’s essay.

In keeping with the theme of the YAA Program, special attention is focused on each nominee’s leadership potential and patriotism. WCMOA is honored to recognize the amazing excellence of the students selected by each high school.

2024 is the 49th year of the YAA Program!




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