Fun Photos!

Please check this link out to all the PHOTOS OF YAA 2023!!!!


WCMOA was well represented at the Quilts of Valor presentation on 20 May 2023 in Norwalk!

Quilts of Valor were awarded to Susan Monks, John Simonetti, Mary Durand, Al Smith, and Donna Monteleone…all organized by our very own Donna Cole!


WCMOA was well represented at the Armed Forces Day luncheon on 19 May 2023!

Mary Durand and Tony Barca celebrate the day!

Standing Tall…Looking Good!

Only O-5’s and Above Need Apply!

Co-Chairs for YAA ’23, The Good Captains -Donna Monteleone and Mary Durand

Who Outranks Who?? LTC Tony Carr certianly met his match in LTC Tara Carr! And WHY would anyone want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane!

Please take a look at these photos of our Spring Luncheon on 19 March!

Don Boyle and Jeff Turner discussing the upcoming golf season!


The Good Doctor!!!


The newest member of WCMOA, Sarah, with Mom (T.K. Kim) and Dad (Sean Lee)

Donna Monteleone and Marty Foncello

Randy Abrams and Sam Sigler discussing court martials…

Cheers to the WCMOA!

Dr. Neil Randle, Dr. Sean Lee, and LTC Marty Foncello

Out with the Old…in with the New!

Hail! Hail! The Gang’s All Here!

Please take a look at these photos of our Holiday Luncheon in December, and our most recent YAA 2023 Liaison Meeting on 18 Feb.   If you have anything of interest…old military photos, recent photos of family and friends or anything you may want to have us post, please send over!

A big THANK YOU to our friends at Port 5!


A beautiful day for the YAA 2023 Liaison Meeting!


LTCOL Simonetti contemplating life in the Pacific Northwest…


“Eye’s LEFT!!!


Deep Thoughts…with 1LT Al Smith


Tony Barca, Donna Cole, and Mary Durand, working hard at the YAA Liaison meeting


Our Fearless Leader…A Marine…and his crayons…


WCMOA 2022 Holiday Luncheon – The Executive Board

Redding Country Club helped with the holiday mood!

Donna Cole and Bob DeFalco

David and Nikki Tross

Matt Hicks and Jeff Turner

Col Charles Lewis and Randall Abrams

Danielle Hicks and Jennifer Seeley Have it Sorted


Roger Restaino, Tony DeFalco, Jeff Turner, Susan DeFalco, and Miriam Martinez

TonB Barca and Mary Durand

We have a winner!

King of Fundraising – Alan Buck

Colonel Charles Lewis

LTJG Susan Monks, USN!

John and Louise Simonetti

Irene and Howard Dixon

Jennifer Seeley, Danielle Hicks, and Al Smith

Marty Foncello

Susan Monks, Col Charles Lewis, and Jeff Turner

Don Boyle keeping a close eye on Roger Restaino!

Dr. Neil Randle and Donna Monteleone

Picture in a Picture

Jeanne and Ron Egut

Dee Lippman

The Chaplain doing his thing…

A captivated crowd

Betty Belcher

Tony Barca

Al Smith and Mike Riffice

Bob DeFalco

Don Boyle – I miss the Captain’s Hat!

Susan DeFalco and Miriam Martinez

Mike Golden

Roger Restaino

Jeff Turner

Linda and Sam Sigler

Jeff Turner and Matt Hicks


Redding Country Club put out a great spread for us!

Chow Time!

Dee and Ken Lippman

Sam Sigler

Donna Cole

Randall Abrams

Louise and John Simonetti and Mary Duranc

Donna Monteleone “Reels Them In!!”

Ron Egut taking the scene in…

Chaplain Dave Tross giving the opening blessing

Donna Monteleone and David Tross





Captain Mary Durand on a Black Hawk Ride in Kuwait

Captain Mary Durand, Camp Doha, Kuwait

Captain Mary Durand on board the USS Wasp

Captain Mary Durand on the signal bridge of the USS Wasp

Valentine’s for Troops volunteers led by Donna Monteleone

Valentines for Troops recipients from the US Air Force!

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