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The “CRUZ” Missilette

Welcome to the new and improved WCMOA Newsletter. We hope to have information that will inform you  on the various programs, activities, and events that will be happening. Hope you enjoy it.  If you have any ideas or suggestions or something you want to get in this newsletter, please reach out to me at for urgent news or just stuff you want to get posted!


Cole’s Corner by Donna Cole

Quilts of Valor by Christie’s Quilting Boutique in Norwalk May 20th @ noon. We give out 20 quilts to veterans again this year. You can nominate a veteran and or donate to Christie’s quilting. This years recipients are our very own John Simonetti, Susan Monks, and Mary Durand!

Membership & Recruiting with Donna Monteleone

As the holiday season continues, we all will be meeting friends, neighbors, family and acquaintances that we perhaps have not seen in a while. As you strike up conversation about “what you have been up to”, let them know about WCMOA and YAA Scholarships. Tell them what our program means for graduating HS students and invite them to help support our mission by donating! Tell them the 4 ways they can do that (Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, check), let them know how much we appreciate their help. All donations of any amount are appreciated.

While you are in conversation with them, ask them if they happen to know any military officers who we might want to reach out to. You will be surprised how many people will say, “oh, yeah, I know……” Be sure to get their name, email/phone number so you can follow up right away. When you send out emails, include a signature block with your name, WCMOA, your contact info etc. Be sure to include a line such as Visit our website and donate: WCMOA Donate Today

If you have any questions about membership or what you need to do to bring a new member onboard, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, Donna Monteleone, Membership & Recruiting Chair, on  or +1-203-577-9568 before 1900 hours.


Members Briefing

Each month (or more frequently if I can get more interviews!) I am going to spotlighta member and ask a few questions to see just how well we know him/her.  In this months inaugural issue, we propose our questions to our fearless leader, 1LT Matt Hicks, USMC:

1.  Tell us what got you interested in the military to begin with in your younger days?The military was always of interest for me…especially when the judge gave me the choice of the prison or the United States Marine Corps.  I chose prison, but they wouldn’t take me so the Marine’s became my home!
2.  If you could be anyone, living or dead, for a day, who would it be?
Great question…I have always wanted to be Neville Chamberlain as I have admired his decision making skills thru the ages.  I bring that same soundness of mind to my role in WCMOA
3.  Name one bad habit you wish you could break”
Giving Mike Riffice the passwords to the website…
4. Favorite YAA memory?
In all seriousness, it was an absolute blast to do YAA this year as the host. It was really neat to see all these young people being honored in a way that only the military can provide.  I am looking forward to YAA ’23 already!
5.  If you were not in your branch of service and had to choose another…what would it be and why?
As a Marine, I am already a bellhop for the US Navy…I have no higher aspirations as being in the Navy is literally the pinnacle of existence!

Photo of the Month…Why We Do It…

2023 Young American Award Winners

And last but not least…to close out each news letter, a quick word from our Chaplain…

From the Padre’s Pen…

December Blessings
In this new month, with each passing day, may your hearts draw closer to Christ. May you have strong faith and peace in your spirit and your good works would prosper.

May God continue to bless you and your families with good health and happiness. May he shine mercies upon you and those you love.

These blessings I ask in Jesus’ name.


Chaplain David T Tross
VP Chaplain, WCMOA

Please utilize the following email for prayer request, ministry request, event appearances,  etc     .

That’s it for now…please send any juicy tidbits my way at and I will get the word out!

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