Student and Guest YAA Banquet Reservations

Please complete the Reservation form with the names and menu choices for all attendees.

YAA Student/Guest Banquet Reservation Form

Please submit this reservation form to reserve your place at this year's WCMOA YAA Banquet. NOTE: Please ensure all names are CORRECT and if Military (current or retired) please include Rank and Service. This form is used to generate nametags and seating arrangements. ( * Required Items)
  • GUESTS: if you are a GUEST and NOT associated with a YAA student awardee, you may still use this form. Please list a school that you wish to be associated with. For the other REQUIRED FIELDS simply put a zero (0) in the box.
  • If you are registering as a guest, and not included on a student reservation, please list the school you wish to be associated with at the Banquet.
  • This should equal the number in your party. incuding yourself.
  • An email confirmation will be sent to the following email address:
  • I intend to pay by....
    • .
      Please pay in advance by PayPal (preferred) or by CHECK
      at the door.
      Make Checks payable to WCMOA YAA
      Thank you.  See you at the Banquet!

Please make Checks payable to WCMOA if paying at the door.

For purchase of ONE Guest Reservation ($50)use the following BUY NOW BUTTON     


for TWO Guest Reservations ($100):

THREE Reservations ($150)


FOUR Reservations ($200)

For purchase of MORE than FOUR reservations or any other combination of reservations and donations please use the DONATION BUTTON


Payment via Paypal is encouraged.  Instructions on how to pay via PayPal.

No walk-ins can be accommodated.

Please note:  WCMOA is a non profit organization.  We try to minimize the costs of this event so we may maximize the Scholarship moneys we can award.   In the event that you or your parents need to cancel your banquet reservation due to an emergency, WCMOA remains contractually obligated to pay for your meals ($50/each) out of pocket.   A goodwill donation would be appreciated should such a need to cancel arise for you and/or your parents.
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