Pay via PayPal

PayPal Instructions

     You can pay your dues, make luncheon and YAA Banquet reservations, and donate to the YAA with PayPal.

Using PayPal is the easiest way to pay bills or send money to ANYONE or ANY BUSINESS.  You will need a PayPal account to proceed.  If  you do not have a PayPal Account you may learn more and set up an account for FREE at


  1. LOGIN to your PayPal Account.
  2. Click on Send Money
  3. Type in   in the TO Box.
  4. Type in your payment amount.
  5. Click on   “I’m sending money to Family or Friends”.  (Very Important!  This insures neither you nor WCMOA pays a FEE to PayPal!!)
  6. Click CONTINUE
  7. On next page, review your payment and click SEND MONEY.

Note: Please tell us what your payment is for in the EMAIL section right there on the SEND MONEY page.  If your payment includes 2 separate transactions please annotate that in the EMAIL.

Example: if you are paying your $20 dues AND a $50 donation to YAA for a total of $70, tell us that in the email so we can properly track it.  

Example: if you are paying for our YAA Banquet event , please annotate what the total amount includes.  School administrators and Guests ($40 each).

Thank you.

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