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Our Next Quarterly Event

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our March 15th Membership Luncheon for health safety reasons.  
Our next scheduled event is the YAA Banquet on June 7th at the Ethan Allen Hotel in Danbury.  The viability of this event is, of course, very much suspect.  The Young American Award Program is continuing in an all-digital mode this year so we can still honor our patriotic High School Graduates.  More information will be published on our YAA PAGES in the near future.  Please stay safe, stay healthy, and stay sane!

This form has expired but will return for the next Membership Event. For emergencies contact the event coordinator.

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PayPal Instructions

Please use PayPal for your Luncheon reservation.  It’s the EASIEST way!

What? You don’t have a PayPal account yet?  Sure, you don’t need one, you can pay with a Credit Card on PayPal, but PayPal takes a percentage of what you pay, so WCMOA gets gipped!  (Get a PayPal account at and make your payment says “Send Money to Friends“.   Then its FREE for all of us!!!)

Yes, you may also pay at the door.  Please bring cash or a check. 

Please do not send your check to us in the mail.


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