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WCMOA Members socializing at the Quarterly Membership Luncheon.

WCMOA Members socializing at the Quarterly Membership Luncheon.

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Our Next Quarterly Event

For our 3rd Quarter Event of 2019 we are going back to PORT 5  for our Fall BBQ.  This has been a tremendous hit for 2 years now; it’s almost a tradition! Everyone loved it the last 2 years!  This year we chose Thursday, Sept 18th   We will meet start at 1630 hours with a happy hour followed by the BBQ dinner.  If it is nice weather you’ll be on the Port 5 deck overlooking Long Island Sound.  If you haven’t been there, this is probably the most picturesque best (and least known) waterfront property in Bridgeport!  Join in on the camaraderie. You’ll love it.  (Psst….they have a full bar there at “Veteran prices”!) Rear Admiral Dennis J. Moynihan
Bonus: Next year’s YAA speaker,RADM Dennis Moynihan will join us to tell a few sea stories from his remarkable career!
**ALSO: TWO Special announcements (all good!)
**And…50/50 raffle to benefit YAA 2020
**Price: $30/Head for members…and we have also advertised for NEW MEMBERS with local American Legions and VFW’s, as well as local news outlets!  Come out and support WCMOA on this important membership drive!
Bring a Dessert to share.   See you there!

This form has expired but will return for the next Membership Event. For emergencies contact the event coordinator.

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What? You don’t have a PayPal account yet?  Sure, you don’t need one, you can pay with a Credit Card on PayPal, but PayPal takes a percentage of what you pay, so WCMOA gets gipped!  (Get a PayPal account at and make your payment says “Send Money to Friends“.   Then its FREE for all of us!!!)

Yes, you may also pay at the door.  Please bring a check. 

Please do not send your check to us in the mail.


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