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Ultimate Guide Links

An Ultimate Guide to Veteran’s Benefits. https://www.moneysavingpro.com/blog/ultimate-guide-to-veterans-benefits/.

It covers various issues such as health benefits, pension programs and counseling services to name a few. At this site you will also find many “Ultimate Guides” to other important “Life” issues such as Student Loans, Social Security, Credit, and others.


Here is another, all purpose GUIDE TO VETERANS:




Military TRAVEL Discounts:

Ultimate 2018 Military Discount Guide  (This guide is searchable by STATE!)


2018 Military Discount Travel Guide



It’s no secret that moving isn’t the most fun thing in the world to do, and goes the same for those who are in the military. Families of those in the military know that relocation can be a normal part of life. We’ve put together the basics of any military move to help ease any stress that those families or service members might have.  

Here it is:        Veteran Moving Guide



 Veteran Jobs


Veteran Business Ideas

Veteran Guide To Starting and Owning A Business



Jobs for Veterans:

If you know any Connecticut veterans who are unemployed or underemployed, please encourage them to check out at www.AttababyJobs.com or call 914-469-9875.

They offer a free job placement service that matches veterans with companies throughout Connecticut eager to hire them.
These are full-time career opportunities with benefits in a variety of fields like manufacturing, customer service, sales, and management.


Start your own business:



Veteran Savings


Ocean State JOB LOTS is granting a 25 % DISCOUNT to Veterans from Nov 9 to Nov 15.

That is a HUGE Discount!!!!  Click –>  OCEAN STATE






Veteran Military Discounts

Here is your all-inclusive retail savings guide to veteran discount sites and companies that offer reduced prices for active military and veterans. It is well organized and provides free services sites, member fee sites with special benefits and companies that offer a veteran discount throughout the year.
Just go to:

Donate your car to a Veteran!

  • The donation process is quick & easy
  • Pickup and towing is always FREE
  • You’ll receive a top tax deduction
  • All Paperwork involved is handled for you
  • Avoid the costs associated with selling your vehicle
  • Avoid the costs associated with paying for costly repairs
  • Your donation will transform the lives of our nation’s heroes



Health Issues


Maritime Accidents and Injuries

If you have been injured in maritime accident, this website may be useful: www.maritimeinjurycenter.com




The Mesothelioma Prognosis Network.  We are an advocacy group working to assist in filing VA claims, find local doctors and medical treatment, as well as host a support group that is held monthly. We have on-staff VA-accredited claims agents, who are a great resource for those looking to receive the benefits that they deserve.
Please review our information at mesotheliomaprognosis.com

Mesothelioma Treatment Community of TreatMesothelioma.org is dedicated to the assistance and guidance of asbestos and mesothelioma victims around the world. We exist to not only inspire hope during these unbearable times but to also provide palliative care and comprehensive information through our website, resources, and educational videos. By being the largest resource for mesothelioma treatment options and complementary therapies for cancer, we are designed to help guide patients and their loved ones toward the answers and support they need to improve their quality of life, prognosis, and life expectancy.

Website:   www.TreatMesothelioma.org


Phone: 888-322-3075

Veterans and Mesothelioma

Also, try mesothelioma.net and

mesothelioma cancer

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