Draft of a Spring Luncheon


Dear Fellow Officers, Spouses, Auxiliary Members, Former Nathan Hale members, and neighboring Chapter Presidents,

Join at Noon on Sunday, 15 March, at the beautiful Redding Country Club, for our Spring meeting and to hear our guest speaker, Robin Montgomery, formerly of the USMC and FBI.

Robin has had a distinguished, multifaceted career. As a Marine in Vietnam he was the recipient of the two Purple Hearts and the Navy Cross, the second highest medal for valor. He was inducted into the CT Veterans Hall of Fame in 2013.

Robin spent 26 years at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, overseeing and investigating several highly publicized cases, such as the incidents at Waco and Ruby Ridge. He was the agent in charge of protecting the man who shot George Wallace, Arthur Bremer. Robin was also one of the FBI agents sent to the hospital the day President Reagan was shot, with the FBI ending up securing the president’s nuclear code card! His last assignment was as the Director of the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group.

After his time with the FBI he went on to serve as the Chief of Police in Brookfield, CT for 16 years. He also taught Justice & Law Administration at Western CT State University as an Adjunct Professor.

Along the way Robin helped establish the Marine Corp – Law Enforcement Foundation that raises money for the children of Marines and fallen law enforcement agents. He’s also President of Brookfield Cares, an organization focused on suicide prevention and substance abuse.

Robin will speak about some of his experiences during his long career with the FBI and the lessons learned and the changes in negotiation tactics to one of “strategic patience” when handling hostage and crisis situations.

**Price: $45/PP for members…and we will be advertising again for NEW MEMBERS with local American Legions and VFW’s, as well as local news outlets!  Come out and support WCMOA on this important membership drive!

ATTENTION NATHAN HALE Chapter Members!  You are invited as our guests!  GO to the RESERVATION PAGE and fill out the form as a member (include your rank).  We want to welcome you as members of WCMOA too!

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See you at the Luncheon!




John F. Simonetti, Lt Col, USAF (Ret)


Western CT Military Officers Association














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