Quarterly Event

Our next member gathering will be at NOON, Sunday, March 18th at Adam’s Rib in Norwalk.  Save the date!


Arman Beermann, Col, USAF (Ret)



The Capture of Saddam Hussein
Insights from 30 days of Interrogation

Colonel Beermann was the commander of a highly classified “Special Missions Unit,” responsible for the capture of Saddam Hussein, Iraq’s former dictator, and led his interrogations. He will share his experience in the Iraq war and share words of wisdom given to him by Saddam Hussein regarding Iran.

Egyptian born Beermann, a counterterrorism and interrogation expert, became an American citizen and a military officer. He is a convert from Islam to Christianity. Come and here his fascinating story.

COL Beermann lives in Connecticut and works in architectural design.

Bring a GUEST!  Friends, family, neighbors!  And especially fellow military officers — as eligible members, their lunch is on us!  Remember:  You are our best recruiter!  

So Save the Date on your smart phone, calendar, or back of your hand and go the Luncheon Reservation form and make a reservation!




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